What’s Happening

Sunday August 16

  • 9:00am Divine Service (Also on Facebook link below)
  • 10:30am 3rd Quarter Voter’s Meeting following the service
  • NO Adult Bible Class also online (Check your email for more information) 
  • NO 10:30am Sunday School

Tuesday August 18

  • 6:00am Breakfast
  • 6:30am Bible Study @ King of Glory (formerly met @ Perkins)

Thursday August 20

  • No Afternoon Bible Study 
  • (Afternoon Bible Study will resume on Thursday August 20th

Friday, August 21

  • 6:00pm Men’s Night
  • 6:00pm Girls Night Out – Bunkhouse

Sunday August 23

  • 9:00am Devine Service (also on Facebook)
  • Voter’s Meeting following service
  • 10:30am Adult Bible Class also on Facebook (Check your email for more information)
  • 10:30am Children’s Bible Class


Luke 19:45-46 – “And he entered the temple and began to drive out those who sold, saying to them, ‘It is written, “My house shall be a house of prayer,” but you have made it a den of robbers.’ ” The sellers in the temple were doing the right thing in the wrong place. Being a merchant is a fine occupation that is pleasing to God. But using the Lord’s House for your personal gain? That makes a mockery of what the Church is for. This is God’s House, where we come to hear His Word and offer Him our worship and praise in word and deed. We’re not looking for a profit here, we’re looking to give back and support the preaching of God’s Word and the Church’s care for the poor and needy.

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