What’s Happening

Luke 14:5 – “And he said to them, ‘Which of you, having a son or an ox that has fallen into a well on a Sabbath day, will not immediately pull him out?’ ” The time is always ripe to do right. God is always calling us to faithfulness and love, which is the fulfillment of the Law. The Pharisees wanted an easier law – something less than love – that was easier to keep. Why? Because they thought they had to in order to be saved. But since we know that Jesus saves by His sacrifice, we are free to see the real Law of love and to strive to fulfill it not out of fear but out of thanksgiving.


  • 9:00am Devine Service (also on Facebook)
  • 10:30am Adult Bible Class also on Facebook (Check your email for more information)
  • 10:30am Children’s Bible Class
  • 4:00pm Mask Only Divine Service


  • 6:00pm Handbell Rehearsal
  • 7:00pm Choir Rehearsal


  • 6:00am Breakfast Bible Study @ Perkins


  • 4:00pm Recorder Rehearsal
  • 5:30pm Carry-in Dinner
  • 600pm Confirmation/Family Bible Study
  • 7:00pm Closing Service


  • 4:00pm Thursday Bible Study in person or via Zoom


Please see the “Connect” tab for Meetings & Events

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