What’s Happening


  • 9:00am Devine Service (also on Facebook)
  • 10:30am Adult Bible Class also on Facebook (Check your email for more information)
  • 10:30am Children’s Bible Class
  • 4:00pm Mask Only Divine Service


  • 6:00am Breakfast
  • 6:30am Bible Study


  • 5:30pm Carry-In Dinner
  • 6:00pm Confirmation & Bible Study
  • 7:00pm Closing Service


  • 4:00pm Thursday Bible Study (Zoom Meeting)


Matthew 3:14 – “John would have prevented him, saying, ‘I need to be baptized by you, and do you come to me?’ ” John is right. What Jesus is doing makes no sense! But this is the upside down, outlandish grace of God. The innocent Jesus takes our sinner’s place. This is the greatest act of giving the world has ever known or will know. The Father gives His Son to die in the place of sinners.

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