Mask Only Service

We have added a mask only service on Sunday evenings at 4:00pm. The service will be a repeat of the Sunday morning service except there will be no hymn singing, Pastor will be masked during communion, and greetings before and after the service will be minimal to help ensure safety.

Thursday Afternoon Bible Study

The Thursday afternoon Bible Study will be a Zoom meeting at 4:00pm. Please see the Zoom invitation sent to you for attendance instructions.

Wednesday Night Confirmation

Wednesday night confirmation has resumed on Wednesday evenings with a carry in dinner at 5:30pm, confirmation/family devotion at 6:20pm and the closing service at 7:00pm.

Wednesday Family Communion

With the addition of the Mask Only Service, King of Glory will not offer Wednesday Family Communion. If you would yet prefer Family Communion at a separate time, please call the office or speak with Pastor to make arrangements.

Attendance Cards

Please remember to complete the attendance cards on Sunday. In lieu of passing them down to the end of the aisle, please include them in the offering plate or deposit them in the basket on the “return” hymnal cart.

Prayer Chain

The King of Glory prayer chain for times of emergency & urgent needs is now available. Please contact Sherry Pike (307-214-0724) or Bernadette Rutledge (307-631-7085) for info or prayer requests.


Announcements need to be into the church secretary by Thursdays at 10:00am in order to be included in the Sunday bulletin. Thank you!

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