Advent Preparation

The season of Advent begins on December 2 with our regular morning service. We will have then our Advent Midweek recognition with our Midweek
services at 7:00pm. Advent is a time preparing for the King Our Lord Jesus Christ. We prepare for the proper celebration of His first coming at Christmas
and for His final coming on the Last Day. For that preparation this year we will look at “Family Life”.
Advent 1: “Two Families” Luke 1:5-25
Advent 2: “Our Way” Luke 1:57-66
Advent 3: “A List” Matthew 1:1-17
Please join us for this preparation, which we all need.

Potluck supper begins at 5:30pm   Bible Study at 6:20pm   Advent Service at 7:00pm

Upcoming Special Services

Wednesday Advent Services – 5:30pm Potluck Supper
                                                      6:20 pm Bible Study
                                                      7:00pm Advent Services
Children’s Christmas Program –  December 16th (during Service)
Christmas Eve – Choral Service at 6:00pm
                             Candlelight Divine Service at 9:00pm
Christmas Day – Nativity of Our Lord Divine Service at 9:00pm
New Year’s Eve – Service at 7:00pm. Meals & games following service until midnight.

LWML/Sisters Christmas Party

The Ladies Christmas party is scheduled for December 9th at 3pm at King of Glory.   This year our special event will be a baby shower for a young lady who is expecting soon and has absolutely nothing. Please bring things for her baby such as diapers, clothes, toys, undershirts, etc. What ever goes for a baby. Your gifts will be greatly appreciated.

Children’s Christmas Service

The Children’s Sunday School Christmas
Service will Be Sunday, December 16th during the Service.
All Sunday School & Youth Group children are
asked to attend the practices on Sunday
mornings during Sunday School (10:30am).

King of Glory Recipe Collection

The ladies of King of Glory Lutheran Church, Lutheran Women in Mission Society, would like to put together a cookbook. Blank recipe cards have been placed in everyone’s mailboxes. Also, there are extra on the table in the entryway as well as a basket to collect your recipes. Please feel free to enter as many recipes as you would like.

The Gospels tell of many times when Jesus was eating with others. He often ate at homes when he taught. In the church we often come together for meals. We can also enjoy these recipes at home with family and friends, special occasions, etc. We have all tasted some delicious food brought in for a meal/special occasion at the church. We would love to get those wonderful and delicious foods to share with our members in the form of a cookbook. We will begin assembling the recipes received in January.

Thank you and God’s blessings.

New LWML/Sisters Meeting Date and Time

LWML/Sisters meetings will the first Sunday at 3:00 p.m. each month. A tentative schedule is posted on the Activities calendar on the Secretary’s door.

Biblical Israel with Jordan
June 6—17th, 2019

Building fellowship and community among fellow travelers is just one of the ways you’ll connect spiritually on the biblical tour of Israel and Jordan. This journey will lead you in the footsteps of Jesus as you learn and hear accounts about His ministry, His miracles and His life as well as included visits to some of the most cherished biblical sites.

These tours are open to everyone.

Please share this information with all of your friends!
Contact the church office for more information.

Imperial Splendors with Oberammergau

August 3—15th, 2020

 This Central Europe tour is a magnificent journey through the former Habsburg Empire. Your tour starts and ends in Munich. Along the way, you’ll overnight in some of Central Europe’s most exciting cities: Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, and
Oberammergau. This vacation includes tickets to the world-famous Oberammergau Passion Play.

These tours are open to everyone. 

Please share this information with all of your friends!
Contact the church office for more information.

Printer Cartridge & Cell Phone Collection

King of Glory is still collecting print (inkjet and laser) cartridges, phones and glasses. We are helping to keep the earth clean while earning new equipment and cash for our King of Glory Kids – playground equipment.


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