Outreach is important in community and world and is what Christ did as He walked this earth. He reached out to man to bring him right standing with the Father. He was a servant of all, and He expects us as Christians to follow His footsteps. Whether we are speaking of individuals, or as a church family, we must reach out to those around us. We have a responsibility to our community and to the world to reach out to those in need whether their need be loneliness, sickness, hunger, clothing, shelter, imprisonment. Whatever the need, we should be there lifting them up and healing their spiritual need as well as their physical and emotional needs.

Below are various ways to contribute:

Disaster Relief

How to help with recent devastation from disasters like hurricanes, fires, flooding, etc.  LCMS World Relief is helping at home through its mercy channels. If you would like to assist you may log into and you will be directed to the donation page. May God be with those affected.

Gas/Food Cards

There will be a donation basket set up in the Narthex to help purchase gas or food cards for travelers who stop by the church in need of assistance. Please assist if you are able.



Online Giving


Mailing address

P O Box 2195, Cheyenne, WY 82003

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