King of Glory Lutheran Church is a community of believers in Christ. We are not an exclusive club! God draws this community together and serves us, forgiving our sins, and granting us eternal life and salvation. As His forgiven children, He draws us together to serve one another, our community, and our world.

Membership in this community is active. First, God is active. God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the Name which we invoke, and the Name in which we baptize. This God draws us together and serves us with His gifts in Christ. He has promised to be present in this, His House, where He graciously comes to us, speaks with us, and lavishes His gifts upon us through His Word and the holy sacraments. Second, we are active. As God’s forgiven children, fed and nourished with His Word and sacraments, we serve the people around us. We serve our neighbor locally in the Cheyenne community, and abroad throughout our nation and the world.

Community in this place begins with God. He draws us here in His Holy Name and blesses us with His holy gifts. Without Him and His gifts, we are wandering sheep, lost without our Shepherd. His gifts of forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and everlasting salvation give purpose to our serving, and fill us all with hope. When members are absent, we all hurt and suffer. As a community in Christ, we are here for each other, encouraging one another in faith and life (Romans 12:5).

So what is membership at King of Glory Lutheran Church? Membership is being here in God’s House receiving His good and gracious gifts. He desires us to be here, for this is where He serves us unto our greater good. God is present here. He has promised to be here and this is where He and His gifts are found. This is where He blesses us. And we are truly blessed!

Please speak with Pastor about your membership today (307) 214-2067.

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