Pastor’s Page

Recommended Devotional Reading 

Large Catechism Book of Concord
Concordia Lutheran Confessions

Mon—Formula of Concord Solid Declaration Article X 16-25
Tue—Formula of Concord SD Article X 26-31
Wed—Formula of Concord SD Article XI 1-9
Thu—Formula of Concord SD Article XI 9-22
Fri—Formula of Concord SD Article XI 23-33
Sat—Formula of Concord SD Article XI 34-51


Book Recommendations from Pastor Maas 

Gnostic America   By Peter M. Burfeind


An insightful and helpful examination of the modern day Christian Church. Forcing the reader to ask “Upon what is my church focused?” Deep questions are brought to the forefront as the reader examines modern practices and the motivations behind them.
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