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Recommended Devotional Reading 

Luther’s Large Catechism is a part of our Book of Concord. It can be found in the Reader’s Edition beginning on page 351.
Mon—Part 4—Baptism Intro & para. 30-43
Tue—Part 4—Baptism Intro & para. 44-54
Wed—Part 4—Baptism Intro & para. 55-68
Thu—Part 4—Baptism Intro & para. 69-86
Fri—Part 5—Sacrament of the Altar Note—Para. 11
Sat—Part 5—Sacrament of the Altar Para. 12—30

Book Recommendations from Pastor Maas 

Grace, faith, and Scripture by Dr. Daniel Paavola


Grace, faith, and Scripture.

These three solas, or “alones,” have long been used to characterize the unique theology of the Lutheran faith. The solas set up a relationship between God and us and between us and our neighbor.

Lutherans are people of the Bible, basing our faith on God’s Word alone. In that Word, we find grace alone is the central message of God in His relationship with us. To receive that gift, we need faith alone. These three solas are Lutheran hallmarks, but they are also God’s gifts to all Christians.

Using stories and situations drawn from common relationships such as friendships and marriage, Daniel Paavola uses the three solas to deepen our understanding of Lutheran doctrine. The solas don’t encompass every single aspect of Lutheranism, but through them, we can get a picture of what it means to be a Lutheran.

About the Author
Dr. Daniel Paavola has been teaching the essence of the Lutheran faith for twenty-two years as a professor of theology at Concordia University Wisconsin, where he currently serves as the theology department chairman.

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