Pastor’s Page

Recommended Devotional Reading 

Mon—2nd Corinthians Chapter 1
Tue—2nd Corinthians Chapter 2
Wed—2nd Corinthians Chapter 3
Thu—2nd Corinthians Chapter 4
Fri—2nd Corinthians Chapter 5
Sat—2nd Corinthians Chapter 6


Book Recommendations from Pastor Maas 

Why Am I Joyfully Lutheran?

Instruction, Meditation, and Prayers on Luther’s Small Catechism                       

By Matthew C. Harrison

With so many issue swirling about and what seems to be a constant stream of negative stories about culture and society, Why Am I Joyfully Lutheran? is a bold challenge and encouragement for Lutheran laypersons to engage joyfully in being Lutheran wherever and whenever God gives them the opportunity.

Addressing specific significant cultural issues such as human sexuality, gender identity, human life issues, etc., adult Lutherans will be interested to learn how the Lutheran confession of Christianity addresses a range of contemporary topics.

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